Tennis Doubles Strategy

Each player on the court plays a significant role in determining if the point is won or lost. However, the role that the server's partner plays can be a huge determining factor in winning more points.

  • Positioning: As the server’s partner, place yourself in the middle of the service box. Be ready to move forward or backward. Never stand too close to the net.
  • Poaching: Lead with the racquet and try to cut the ball off at an angle. Use the net strap as a guide for movement. Do not stop poaching after a few missed balls. Try to poach in the first couple of games in a set.
  • Points: Try to win at least 2 points; it keeps the pressure off the server.
  • Lobs: Cover your own!!
  • Attitude: Always be ready, Be aggressive. Move around a lot. Keep pressure on the player returning the serve.
Submitted by Karolee Towe, Head Tennis Professional at Hammock Bay Golf & Country Club in Naples.